You can find on this page the Frankfurt map to print and to download in PDF. The Frankfurt offline map presents the city center and the location in world map of Frankfurt in Germany.

Frankfurt map

Map of Frankfurt city

The Frankfurt map shows the detailed map and a large map of Frankfurt. This map of Frankfurt will allow you to orient yourself in Frankfurt in Germany. The Frankfurt map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Frankfurt is the only German city listed as one of ten Alpha world cities. Frankfurt lies in the former American Occupation Zone of Germany, and it was formerly the headquarters city of the U.S. Army in Germany. Frankfurt is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region as shown in Frankfurt map.

Frankfurt map shows the financial capital of Germany, and thanks to its skyscrapers and the river Main, Frankfurt is also called "Main-Hattan". An international multicultural city, Frankfurt does not have the beauty of Berlin or Hamburg. Almost entirely destroyed by Allied bombing during the Second World War, its small historic centre has been partially rebuilt in the same way as the old city.

Frankfurt City and port, on the River Main, Hesse state, w Germany. One of the royal residences of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperors were elected in Frankfurt, and the first German National Assembly met at Frankfurt in 1848. Notable buildings visible on Frankfurt map include a Gothic cathedral, an art museum and a university. The City of Frankfurt has a population of 670,000. The metropolitan area, called Rhine-Main after its two biggest rivers, has over four million people. Frankfurt is an important centre for traffic and for the financial business.

Frankfurt downtown map

The map of downtown Frankfurt shows the historical center of Frankfurt. This downtown map of Frankfurt will allow you to easily plan your visit in the center of Frankfurt in Germany. The Frankfurt downtown map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Frankfurt downtown map, or Innenstadt, includes many of the touristic highlights of Frankfurt. The Altstadt (old city) has the re-created Römer with impressive Rathaus (Town Hall) surrounding the square of Frankfurt downtown and fountain. Like almost everywhere in Frankfurt, these buildings are recreations of their pre-WWII selves, but that does not make them any less endearing.

To the northeast of the Innenstadt in Frankfurt downtown map, Bornheim is densely populated and nicknamed das Lustige Dorf (the Funny Village) for Frankfurt downtown charming medieval architecture and small-town feel. Full of apartments, restaurants, and bars, it has a large international community and is a great place to stay in Frankfurt.

There is Altstadt, Frankfurt downtown map ‘old quarter’ nestled between Zeil and the Main River. A busy area of Frankfurt downtown that attracts practically all of the city tourists, it is a difficult option because as with Zeil, there are very few apartments available for rent. The Innenstadt is the city center of Frankfurt and it is the commercial heart of the city, harboring most of the city banks and financial institutions.

Frankfurt Germany map

Frankfurt on Germany map shows the location of the city of Frankfurt on the Germany map. This map of Frankfurt in Germany will allow you to easily plan your travel in Frankfurt in Germany. Frankfurt on map of Germany is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Frankfurt in Germany has long been a key stopping point for river, rail, and road traffic from Switzerland and southern Germany northward along the Rhine River to the Ruhr region and across the Main River to north-central Germany as you can see on Frankfurt map. Frankfurt is still the chief traffic hub for western Germany and has also been an important inland shipping port since the canalization of the Main in the 1880s. Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Germany and one of the busiest in Europe.

Frankfurt in Germany map shows probably the only city in Germany that looks like an American city with a proper skyline. Some people refer to Frankfurt also as Mainhatten – a mix for Manhatten and Main, the river that flows through the city. Most German banks have their headquarter in Frankfurt – e.g. Deutsche Bank or the EZB (European Central Bank) to name a few – as well as the German stock exchange.

Frankfurt am main (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊɐtʰ am ˈmaɪn] ( listen), English: /ˈfræŋkfərt/), commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany map, with a 2008 population of 670,000. Frankfurt urban area had an estimated population of 2.26 million in 2001.

Frankfurt on world map

Map of Frankfurt in world

Frankfurt on world map shows the location of the city of Frankfurt in the world. Frankfurt on world map will allow you to easily know where is Frankfurt in the world. The Frankfurt in world map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Frankfurt on world map is a very international city. Every third inhabitant is not German. Most immigrants come from southeastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa, but there are people from almost every country living in Frankfurt. There are also many international business companies here, and the big airport links Frankfurt with many countries in the world. Many banks are based in Frankfurt, and the city has some of the tallest buildings in Europe.

Frankfurt on world map is regarded as a leading world city thanks to its large economic strength, infrastructure and cultural wealth in Frankfurt. The Economist ranks Frankfurt first in its ranking of the 140 most expensive cities in Germany. For an expatriate in 2012 Frankfurt was ranked the tenth in the world.

Frankfurt on world map is a major trade fair and exhibition city, Frankfurt was ranked the third largest in the world. Among the best known events of Frankfurt are the Motor Show, which alternates with the Paris Motor Show, the Book Fair and Achema. The Frankfurt Motor Show dates back to 1951, but the traditional has come to an end.